These are the final implementations of the space planning phase.
Steinmetz & Associates is technically equipped to produce high
quality work, rapidly and at minimal cost. Steinmetz & Associates
will also provide an interface with engineering consultants, gathering
the necessary information and transmitting to our consultants.

We will provide as a part of the Working Drawing Package, an
8.5" x 11" Lease Plan showing the tenant demised area, expansion
options (if any) and the rentable square footage. Upon completion
of the construction portion of the drawings and prior to releasing
the Engineering design, Steinmetz & Associates will again meet with
the tenant and obtain his approval. Finally, Steinmetz & Associates
will distribute the completed documents as directed by the Owner.

In executing the building construction documents, we can commit to
completing a building standard Construction Document Package in
no more than 10 working days for tenants up to one full floor. In practice,
we often better this time and have, in emergency situations, provided
service in less than 3 working days.