Accomodating the needs of tenants within the framework of the
overall project is the goal of any space plan. The plan must take
into account, primarily, the needs of the tenant but also be cognizant
of code requirements, other leasing activity and the limitations
and possibilities presented by the building design.

Steinmetz & Associates will meet with the tenant and/or the tenant's
representative to determine their needs and will then develop a space
plan which reflects those needs. Steinmetz & Associates will provide
the Project with accurate square footage calculations and written
summaries of all contacts between the tenant and Steinmetz & Associates.
The drawing provided represents a standard space plan presentation.
We will provide upgraded presentations for any tenant upon request,
charging only for the additional reproduction expense. All rooms will
be dimensioned and labeled and will show a typical furniture arrangement.

Within our initial planning services, we include one major revision to
obtain the tenant's approval. We are also committed to completing an
initial space plan within 2 working days and have, in special cases,
provided overnight service.